26th North American Symposium on Bat Research (1996)

by Tom Griffiths, Second Program Director

The twenty-sixth annual North American Symposium on Bat Research met at Jumer's Chateau in Bloomington, Illinois, from October 23-26, 1996, sponsored by Illinois Wesleyan University. Co-hosts were Tom Griffiths of Illinois Wesleyan University and Margaret Griffiths of the University of Illinois. Tom Griffiths also served for the first time as Program Director. There were 201 registered participants. Eighty-six scientific papers were presented at the meeting. Three prizes of $250 each were awarded to Johanna M. Bloss of Boston University, Lisa Comeaux of the University of Tennessee, and Matthew V. Rockman of the American Museum of Natural History for their outstanding student platform presentations. Two prizes of $100 each were awarded to Carlos Iudica of the University of Florida and Mark Nebzydoski of the University of Scranton for outstanding student poster presentations. Generous donations from Bat Research News, The Lubee Foundation, and SPELEOBOOKS made the prizes possible. Pat Morton and Jackie Belwood organized and ran a special workshop on Saturday morning of the conference entitled "Education Symposium on Bats of Illinois." Thanks to support from The Lubee Foundation and Bat Research News, the workshop was open to the public free of charge. It was very well attended by Illinois teachers, park and conservation workers, and other local persons interested in the conservation of bats. Special thanks to Tom Kunz, who attempted to teach a reluctant audience the steps to the macarena, and to Brock Fenton who good-naturedly helped demonstrate the proper method of ascertaining quality in a chocolate mousse. The banquet would not have been the same without them.

Reprinted with permission and approved editorial changes from Bat Research News, vol. 37(4): 157, 1996.

Red bat logo drawn by Thomas A. Griffiths. Copyright 1996 by the artist.