28th North American Symposium on Bat Research (1998)

by Tom Griffiths, Second Program Director

The twenty-eighth annual North American Symposium on Bat Research met at the Hot Springs, Arkansas, Convention Center and at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs from October 28-31, 1998, sponsored by the United States Forest Service, Ouachita National Forest. David Saugey was the conference host, assisted by the members of his Local Committee: Robin Vaughn, Randy Nichols, Lori Short, Lydia Wilborn, and Samuel Larry. There were 231 registered participants. One hundred and two scientific papers were presented at the Hot Springs meeting. Thirty-five of these were poster presentations. Four cash prizes of $250 each were awarded at the Friday evening banquet. Maarten J. Vonhof of York University won the Bat Conservation International prize, Bryan Chruszcz of the University of Calgary won the Bat Research News prize, Suzanne Nelson of the University of Illinois won the LuBee Foundation prize, and Susan M. Davidson of the University of Maryland won the first Karl F. Koopman prize. For the second year in a row, a special SPELEOBOOKS merchandise prize was awarded to Theresa Cabrera Menard of the University of Hawaii for the best poster (nice going, Theresa). Generous monetary donations from Roy Horst at Bat Research News, Roger Haagenson and John Seyjagat of The Lubee Foundation, and Emily Davis Mobley of SPELEOBOOKS made the first three prizes possible. Donations from a number of individuals (many requesting anonymity) made the Karl F. Koopman Prize possible. Pat Knighten of the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, Pat Morton of Texas Parks and Wildlife, and Janet Tyburec of Bat Conservation International organized and ran the special bat education workshop on Saturday morning of the conference, which was well attended by Arkansas teachers, conservation workers, and other local persons interested in the conservation of bats. I thank Pat K., Pat M., and Janet for their efforts which made the workshop possible. Finally, let me extend David Saugey's and my special thanks to Dianne Saugey (David's wife), Margaret Griffiths (my wife), and Roy Horst (the Founder of our "feast") for all the hard work they did to make this meeting a success.

Reprinted with permission and approved editorial changes from Bat Research News, vol. 39(4): 194, 1998.

Red bat logo drawn by Thomas A. Griffiths. Copyright 1996 by the artist.