2010 NASBR Meeting Attendees

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Group Photo taken at NASBR 40: 27-30 October, 2010.

Photo Credit: Robin Mulligan

Film Workshop Summary

The first annual NASBR Film Workshop was a great success, and a workshop summary is now available here.

Report on the 40th Annual Symposium on Bat Research

The 40th Annual Symposium on Bat Research (NASBR) was held at the Hyatt-Regency Denver Tech Center in Denver, Colorado on 27-30 October 2010. Rick Adams (University of Northern Colorado, Greeley) served as the Local Co-hosts. Frank Bonaccorso (USGS-Hawaii) and Gary Kwiecinski served as the Program Directors. Three hundred and fifty four registrants attended the three-day conference.

Most meeting participants (66%) were affiliated with academic/research institutions: 12% were from private business or private consulting groups; 12% were from federal or state government agencies and 10% were from NGOs. Approximately one third (39%) of meeting participants were students. The majority of NASBR participants were from North America: 88% from the United States; 8% from Canada, 1% from Mexico; and approximately 3% from other world areas including Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia Scotland.

One hundred and forty nine scientific papers were presented at the Denver NASBR40 meeting. Of these, 93 were platform presentations and 56 were poster presentations. Nineteen platform papers were presented in a plenary Student Competition Session on Thursday. The remaining platform papers were presented in a full-congress session on Friday and two concurrent sessions on Saturday. The 56 posters were presented Thursday through Saturday with an author-attended session Friday afternoon.

This year's winner of the Bernardo Villa Award, Jorge Ayala-Berdon (Mexico), presented a paper coauthored with Jorge Schondube titled: A digestive perspective on nectar-feeding specialization in phyllostomid bats. This talk was followed by the 2010 Spallanzani Fellow, Sara Bumrungsri (Thailand), titled: Fruit bats are the major pollinators of the economic food plants, durian and Parkia, in southern Thailand. From 3:45 to 5:00 on Thursday, a Plenary Session including presentations and a panel-discussion on white-nose syndrome occurred. Panel members included Alan Hicks (NYS Department of Environmental Conservation), Tome DeLiberto (APHIS), Alison Whitlock (USFWS), Paul Cryan (USGS), Tom Kunz (Boston University) and Gary McCracken (University of Tennessee).

At 8:00 pm, the first NASBR Video Workshop was hosted by Nickolay Hristov with Louise Allen, Ann Prum, and Jesse Barber. The workshop was a resounding success with the majority of conference registrants attending. Tentatively, next-year's workshop will attempt to include full-length movies about bats and bat research. Special thanks to Nickolay and Louise for suggesting and bringing to fruition a compelling new and creative aspect of the program in Denver and for future NASBR meetings.

NASBR is delighted to announce that it is now an official partner with the Year of the Bat program from UNEP and EUROBATS (www.yearofthebat.org) to encourage and facilitate outreach and education on the fascinating life of bats.

Graduate and undergraduate students who presented platform papers in the plenary student session or student poster session were judged by the Student Awards Committee to evaluate the scientific merits of their research. The committee, chaired by Tigga Kingston, judged 19 student platform papers and nine student poster presentations. Eight cash prizes were presented at the Saturday evening banquet:

Luis F Bacardi Conservation Award: Marianne Moore (platform). Can hibernating Myotis lucifugus mount cutaneous immune responses to Geomyces destructans?

Titley Scientific Award: Liam McGuire (platform). Phenotypic plasticity of migrating hoary bats, Lasiurus cinereus.

Karl F. Koopman Award: Justin Lack (platform). Identifying the confounding factors in resolving phylogenetic relationships in Vespertilionidae.

Bat Research News Award: Erin Fraser (platform). Fur stable isotope ratios in residential and migratory North American bat populations.

Avinet Award: Randilea Nichols (platform). Population genetic structure of the bat fly, Trichobius major, based on amplified fragment length polymorphism.

Speleobooks Award: Nathan Fuller (poster). A wing and a prayer: little brown myotis, Myotis lucifugus, recover from wing injuries associated with white nose syndrome.

Basically Bats Wildlife Conservation Society Award: Carlos Ibarra-Alvarado (poster). Differences in the foraging capabilities between Pteronotus davyi and P. personatus: its relationship with their echolocation systems.

Organization for Bat Conservation Award: Joe Chun-Chia Huang (poster). Impacts of land-use intensification on rainforest bat assemblages in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Opening Social (hosted by Wildlife Acoustics) was held on the 12th floor of the hotel that had a panoramic view of the Front Range of the Southern Rocky Mountains and the skyline of Denver. The social was attended by most attendees and had an open bar and finger foods.

The Poster Session (hosted by Titley Electronics) was held on Friday afternoon featuring a pay bar and finger foods and was well-attended.

The Graduate Student Luncheon (sponsored by the Colorado Bat Society) was held on Saturday at a local pizzeria and was well attended.

Student Lunches with Bat Biologists was continued this year through the efforts of the Student Observers to the NASBR Board, Marianne Moore and Maria Sagot This program is a welcome addition to the NASBR meetings as it allows for students to have individual time with accomplished bat biologists.

The Banquet was held on Saturday night with about 200 members participating. During the banquet, Dr. Tom Kunz presented Wieslaw Bogdanowicz, Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, and Editor-in-Chief of Acta Chiropterologica, the Gerrit S. Miller, Jr. Award "In recognition of outstanding service and contribution to the field of chiropteran biology," representing NASBR's highest honor.

The 4th Annual Auction to benefit the Spallanzani Fund was held on Saturday evening after the banquet and was emceed by Robert Barclay. Thanks to all who generously donated a plethora of items, as well as personal performances, to raise money for this benefit. Robert's brilliant, lively, and humorous auctioneering was a great success.

A Group Photograph was taken on Saturday with the entire congress on the foyer steps of the hotel. This picture is available for download from the NASBR Denver website (above).

We are grateful for the service of the 2009-2010 Board of Directors (Matina Kalcounis-Ruppell, Tigga Kingston, Allen Kurta, Rodrigo Medellin, Shahroukh Mistry, Jorge Ortega-Reyes, DeeAnn Reeder, and Mandy Rodriquez-Duran, and the Student Observers to the Board (Marianne Moore, and Maria Sagot), the 2010 Local Host (Rick Adams), 2011 Local Hosts (Burton Lim and Judith Eger), and the Program Directors (Frank Bonaccorso and Gary Kwiecinski).

Many thanks to our Local Committee (Rick Adams, Richard Carter, Katelin Craven, Mark Hayes, Tabbi Kinion, Jason Shaw, Emily Snode, and Matt Willey). Special Thanks to Emily Snode for illustrating the NASBR-Denver logo for the meetings.

Your Local Host (Rick Adams) and Program Directors (Frank Bonaccorso and Gary Kwiecinski) thank the membership for making this year's meeting a resounding success. We are happy to have served, and enjoyed sharing our part of the world with all of you.

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